K4 - K5

We offer full day K4 and K5 classes.  It is our privilege to teach these young children.  We keep class sizes small so that they receive lots of one on one time.  Our K5 are generally reading books by Christmas!


Our 1st though 6th grade builds the foundation that is needed to excel in middle and high school.  All classes are very hands on and we make every attempt to make the learning process fun and interesting. Starting in 5th grade our students start using dedicated computers for their studies.

Middle School

Our 7th and 8th grades begin learning and applying logic to a deeper degree. They will begin retelling classical literature though hands on dioramas as well as many other interactive styles of learning.  This transitional time is so important for their success in high school.

Our High School Program

Our high school program is a cutting edge style that we are very proud of.  The students receive guided instruction but also have a lot of learning on their own and more "free" time.  We believe this not only gives them the academic tools to succeed throughout high school, but also better prepares them for the college education.

Next Steps...

Have any questions?  Want to register, or schedule a tour?  We would love to hear from you.