Why send your children to a Christian School?

Superior education is an investment - not just in dollars, but in time and effort. To maximize the results, students and parents will invest hard work and determination.

We believe that having a faith integrated education is of utmost importance in raising strong Christians that will not only be successful in whatever occupation they are called to, but will also be successful in the mission that every Christian has - to be a light in a dark and broken world.

We are very proud of the high level of academics at CWCS. Our students consistently score very high on standardized tests.  We believe it is very important to invest in the highest level of education excellence for our children in order to prepare them to be successful in whatever occupation they move on to.

In addition to traditional academics we believe it is important to integrate our Christian faith in every subject.  In order to teach servitude, discipline, moral integrity, and compassion we must teach from the perspective of Christ in everything that we teach.  We must learn from the perspective of Christ in everything that we learn.  Simply put, we must learn about God's world, God's way.

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K4 - K5

We offer full day K4 and K5 classes, with emphasis on "classes."  We are not a daycare facility.  Educating our children is our primary concern.  Our K4 and K5 classes have a dedicated curriculum that encourages  our students in language, math, science, spelling and reading.  It is our privilege to teach these young children.  We keep class sizes small so that they receive lots of one on one time.  Our K5 class is usually reading books by Christmas!

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Our 1st though 5th grade builds the foundation that is needed to excel in middle and high school.  All classes are very hands on and we make every attempt to make the learning process fun and interesting. Starting in 5th grade our students start using dedicated Chrome Books for their research and studies.

The younger elementary classes primarily use ABeka and we begin to transition to Bob Jones curriculum in 5th Grade.

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Middle School

Middle School at CWCS consists of 6th through 8th grades.  In 2019 we will reintroduce a more structured middle school program and curriculum.  Middle school students will be further challenged academically, socially and athletically.  Here they begin learning and applying logic, reason and theological truths to a deeper level.

They will begin retelling classical literature though hands on dioramas as well as many other interactive styles of learning.  This transitional time is so important for their success in high school.


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Our High School Program

Our high school program is led by a group of exceptional teachers who care not only for our students academic development, but more so for their spiritual development.  Our core classes (Bible, Literature, Humanities, Math and Science) are all taught traditionally.  Our students are also exposed to Shop, Choir, Technology and a number of other elective classes to engage the students full interest.

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