The Admissions Process

At Colorado West Christian School our mission is to teach Christian Children about God's world, God's way.  For new families we schedule an interview with the admissions committee where we get to know you a little bit more and help you get to know us.  During this process we will fill out a couple of applications and once approved, your child will have a guaranteed spot in their class.


You can either fill these out in advance, or we can fill them out for you during the admissions interview.

CWCS Family Application

CWCS Student Application

Tuition and Fees

We work hard to make our Tuition and Fees as affordable as possible.  We do have various assistance programs, so if you cannot afford this, don't let it stop you from talking to us about how we can help.

New Student enrollment fees $75
Re-Registration Fees (after March 31st) $75
Re-Registration Fees (prior to March 31st) $50

If you would like more information on how our Variable Tuition works, please click here.

To calculate what your tuition would be and to see how Variable Tuition may assist you, please check out our calculator.