What is Variable Tuition?

At CWCS we want as many Christian families to have the opportunity to have their children in a Christian school as possible.  We believe in this so much that we developed a program called Variable Tuition.  It may come as a surprise but no family that attends CWCS pays the full cost of their student's education.  We make up the difference between what we charge for tuition and what the actual cost of education by a couple of ways.  First we have many generous donors who believe strongly in our mission.  Second we run school year fundraisers to supplement our income to match our budget.

With Variable Tuition we look at your family's unique situation, and if our tuition isn't affordable, we adjust your tuition to make it affordable for your situation.

There is an interview and application process where we become familiar with your situation and then we go through a process to adjust your tuition.  We do ask that if you qualify for an adjustment that you sign up to be on our fundraising committee and commit to helping with any fundraisers we need to run during the school year.

You can check out our calculator below for a rough estimate on what your tuition and adjustment might be.

Tuition and Variable Tuition Adjustment Calculator